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“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” This quote is from a Roman philosopher Lucius Annaeus Seneca, but it was also made popular by the band Semisonic in 1998 in their hit “Closing Time.” Whether your familiarity comes from the song or Seneca, in the spirit of that passage, I’d like to introduce you to Cipher.

Cipher is a brand new web development agency whose sole focus is to go above and beyond on every job, for every client, with no exceptions. Since we’ve been at this whole “Internet thing” for a while, we’ve run into just about every situation you can imagine. Some good, some not so good. One thing that we’ve seen time and time again is that not all web developers are equal.

Where others see fit to toss something passable over the fence, we strive to hand-deliver twice what you were expecting. We want the name “Cipher” to be synonymous with quality, and we’re going to do everything in our power to make sure that’s exactly what you think of when you hear our name. That, in a nutshell, is what Cipher is all about.

So, Who Exactly is Cipher?

Rob Neu and I started Cipher Development. We briefly had a podcast called WP Bacon that some of you may remember, worked on some projects together when we were freelancing, and even worked at the same company for a year and a half. Cipher is a product of who Rob and I are as developers and our approach to customer service.

Rob Neu

Rob is an industry veteran who’s worked on a variety of projects and project types. When I first met him in 2012, we were just a couple of freelancers living the dream. Rob would later start a couple of other service type companies, such as AuditWP, a site auditing service where they found issues on your site and came up with a game plan to fix them and get you on the right track.

In August of 2014, he joined WP Site Care as their Director of Digital Strategy. In that role, Rob was responsible for guiding the company’s technological decisions, including some of the processes that were used to service and maintain hundreds of customer sites. He would retain this role until his departure in May of 2017 to help run Stencil Revolution.

Ozzy Rodriguez

While Rob was out starting businesses and exploring the options they brought to bear, I stayed on my own and kept freelancing. I loved the work and the freedom that it allowed me. I loved listening to the issues a potential client faced and helping them come up with a solution and a plan to execute it.

While I enjoyed the work very much and after some moderate success on my own, I had grown tired of being on my own and wanted to work on a team. The opportunity arose to join Rob at WP Site Care at the beginning of 2016; I jumped on it.

Over the next two and a half years as Lead Developer, I would consult and work with customers to come up with solutions to their issues. Whether it was a custom plugin, site optimizations, an entirely new site, or anything in between, my job was to help make their business better and lives easier by listening, planning, and executing.

Krista McPhee

Krista has owned and managed businesses for most of her adult life. She introduced herself to building websites when her last business needed one, and she decided to create it herself. At the same time, she wanted to start a personal blog, so she decided to do that herself as well; she hasn’t looked back.

Since 2015, Krista has used her business, technical, creative, and people skills at companies like Reaktiv Studios, Copyblogger, and WP Site Care. She did everything from developing supporting themes for the popular Design Palette Pro plugin to being a Customer Success Manager in charge of building working relationships with customers to help reach their goals by optimizing services to match their needs.

How Can Cipher Help You and Your Business?

If you’re looking for some true professionals to build out a new eCommerce site for you, take over the ongoing maintenance and development of an existing site, or just need to talk through something that you need a hand with, let us know! We’re actively looking for new business for the 4th quarter of 2018. We already have a number of exciting projects that we’re working on currently, but we still have quite a bit of capacity to fill up.

If you’re not quite sure if we’d be a good fit, check out our service offerings and see if they strike a note with you. You won’t find any signups for our on-going services, like support and maintenance, front-facing on the site because we’d like to speak with you first. We’d much rather learn what you and your business are about, so we can come up with a custom solution to make sure your exact needs are met.

We’re looking forward to working and collaborating with you. If you have any questions or concerns, and a comment below won’t do, send us a message through our contact page.

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