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Hey there, this is Ozzy, the co-founder and lead engineer of Cipher. I wanted to take a quick minute to give you a brief overview of what we do and how we can work with your business. This page goes in-depth on the services we offer, how we’re different than other web agencies, and how we can help you. I know you’re busy, so I’ll give you the condensed version right now:

  • We build custom websites for thriving online businesses
  • We’re fully capable of working with WooCommerce at scale
  • We’ll be around for the long haul and support you every step of the way
  • We can fix your existing code and make your site work better
  • We care about every single client we work with

If that all sounds good to you, fill out the form on this page and let’s find out how we can work together. If you need a little more information, keep reading and you’ll find out exactly what it is that we do and how we can take your online business to the next level.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you and seeing how we can work together!

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We Focus on Producing High-Quality CodeSo You Can Focus on Your Business

Need a Partner You Can Trust?

WordPress Theme & Plugin Development

Our primary focus is on building one-off WordPress solutions, tailored to your specific business needs. Whether you need a small bit of custom functionality or an entire website built from the ground up, we're fully capable of delivering on-time and within budget.

Need a Partner You Can Trust?

Custom WooCommerce Development

Off-the-shelf themes aren't going to cut it when you're running a high-traffic WooCommerce store. Trust us, we've seen what happens when WooCommerce needs to process millions of dollars worth of orders per month. We can ensure that your store will convert visitors into customers and stand up to endless waves of traffic.

Need a Partner You Can Trust?

White Glove Support & Maintenance

If you have a mission-critical website that needs to be maintained by a professional team who knows both your business and WordPress inside and out, we're here for you. We'll take care of your site as if it were our own at a cost that fits your needs.

Need a Partner You Can Trust?

Performance Auditing & Improvements

Having a fast, easy-to-use website is critical to be successful online. To maximize the potential of your site, you need to shave off every millisecond you possibly can. We've decreased the load times of 100s of websites, and we're capable of diagnosing and fixing just about any speed-related issue you can think of.

Need a Partner You Can Trust?

Code Reviews & Improvements

If you're not confident that the code powering your website is up to snuff, we're more than happy to evaluate it. We'll do a deep dive on your existing codebase and find problems with performance, security, and stability. Once we're finished, we'll provide you with a full breakdown of all of your issues as well as a clear action plan for how to fix them.

Need a Partner You Can Trust?

Ongoing Designer Partnerships

We love working with freelance designers and small design agencies. If you're looking for a rock-solid code partner to turn your designs into fully-functional, user-friendly websites, then we're the dream team you've wished for. Designers who work with us love being able to focus on what they do best and getting projects out the door in half the time.

Not All Development Agencies Are EqualWe Strive to Be Different Where it Counts

Let's be honest, just about anyone can throw together a website and start offering web development services. There are all kinds of tools, tutorials, and shortcuts to starting up your own agency. You don't need to be able to write code, understand web hosting, or have an in-depth knowledge of anything; until you do. That's where we come in. We're the experts that you wish you found before the last agency. We sweat the details. We understand the complex. We go the extra mile, and we're always here when you need us.

We Actually Care

If we agree to be your partner, it's because we believe in what you're doing and we want to help you in any way that we can. This may seem like it would be the norm when working with a development agency, but unfortunately, in our experience, it's not. We reply to emails. We answer the phone. We're here when it matters the most. When we make mistakes, we own up to them and make things right. In short, when we say something we mean it and you can depend on us to get the job done right the first time.

We Don't Outsource Code

We write 100% of the code we produce for you, so you can always be sure that we're the ones touching your websites. You don't need to worry about unexpected third parties accessing your site or pushing code without your consent. Occasionally we do work with vetted, trusted contractors who specialize in things that fall outside of our core competencies such as API integration and app development. When these situations arise, you'll know up-front, and nothing will ever happen without you approving it.

We Have Our Own Processes, But We're Flexible

Being a small team means that we're able to adapt to your needs easier than a large organization would be able to. If you have a tight deadline or a specific way you need us to work, just tell us about it. We'll work with you to figure out a solution that works for everyone involved. We always want you and your team to feel comfortable working with us, and we'll always go the extra mile to ensure our projects go so smoothly.

We Value Your Time as Much as Our Own

Part of being a small, flexible group means that we need to know when to say no. We won't waste your time if we can't have a significant impact on your business. We know we're not a good fit for everyone and we'll tell you that up-front. If you need a quick fix at a bargain-basement price, we're probably not right for you. Our clients understand the value we bring to the table and if it sounds like we can do the same for you, let us know! We can't wait to get started.

We're Not Really Big on BraggingWe Let Our Work Speak For Itself

I’ve been working with Robert over the last five years as I built my online subscription business. He has been a critical component to my continued success and I wouldn’t be able to do it without him. Now that he’s partnered with Ozzy and opened a new business, there is no team I would trust my business with other than Cipher Development.

Ozzy is hands down one of the best developers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Not only does he develop clean code built on best practices that perform well, he’s truly passionate about the quality of his work and the project at hand.

Now that Ozzy and Rob have joined forces, I can’t recommend Cipher enough. They are my go-to development team.

My favorite developer on the planet? Rob freakin’ Neu. Our project value went through the roof once Rob got involved. He brings his best to the table and offers a techy perspective that only he has. Rob + Ozzy are a dream team and I can promise I’m keeping Cipher in my back pocket.

I trust Cipher Development to keep the Read-Aloud Revival website fast and secure. The icing on the cake? Their customer service is top-notch. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

As podcasters, our website needs to tell our story AND deliver audio content in seamless conjunction with other technologies and platforms in the podcasting universe. The Cipher team understands this, making them an incredible resource for podcasters.

If you’re looking for top-notch development and customer service, Cipher is for you. Ozzy and Rob go above and beyond to ensure that no detail is overlooked on every single project. With Cipher at the wheel, I can rest easy because I know they’ve got my back!

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Whether you're starting a new project, looking for a team to maintain your website, or need to gain insight into how your web properties are functioning, we're here for you.