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Over the last decade, we've been engineering websites and building businesses.

Our President and co-founder Rob Neu is both an accomplished developer and a successful entrepreneur. In addition to releasing a number of popular open source WordPress projects, he is the co-owner of a million dollar eCommerce business called Stencil Revolution. At Stencil Revolution, Rob oversees marketing, production, and logistics for the manufacturing and sale of physical products which gives him hands-on experience with what's required to keep a real business moving forward.

Ozzy Rodriguez, our other co-founder, and lead engineer, ran his own successful freelancing business for over half a decade. In addition to pulling down six figures entirely on his own, he established a reputation as a no-nonsense workhorse, leaving a small army of happy customers in his wake. Ozzy's attention to details and commitment to excellence is evident in every project he touches. With Ozzy working on your website, you can rest easy because everything is going to look and work exactly the way you expect.

This type of experience is what sets us apart from other development and design agencies. We've been there. We know how hard it is to start and run a successful business online and we're here to help you knock it out of the park.

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Ozzy Rodriguez

Ozzy Rodriguez

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Krista McPhee

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Rob Neu

Rob Neu


We're Not Really Big on Bragging We Let Our Work Speak For Itself

My favorite developer on the planet? Rob freakin’ Neu. Our project value went through the roof once Rob got involved. He brings his best to the table and offers a techy perspective that only he has. Rob + Ozzy are a dream team and I can promise I’m keeping Cipher in my back pocket.

I’ve been working with Robert over the last five years as I built my online subscription business. He has been a critical component to my continued success and I wouldn’t be able to do it without him. Now that he’s partnered with Ozzy and opened a new business, there is no team I would trust my business with other than Cipher Development.

Ozzy is hands down one of the best developers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Not only does he develop clean code built on best practices that perform well, he’s truly passionate about the quality of his work and the project at hand.

Now that Ozzy and Rob have joined forces, I can’t recommend Cipher enough. They are my go-to development team.

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